Saumya Kharbanda

Saumya is an educator with roots in graphic design, and a specialisation in interaction design and research. She creates art in a variety of media, both digital and analog.

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About the stream

Saumya was also part of our summer 2020 informal cohort of womxn learning to code together. Saumya is secretly kind of a math whiz. Her experiments with code and graphics showcase her strong understanding of layouts and typography.

She had been posting a lot of interesting hand painted textures which she was turning into collages and was looking to port that experiment on p5js as well.

At the time, she was excited about the collage making process of Korma Dima, they were using collages at various scales from small postcard sizes right up to big wall installations.

Before the episode, Saumya created some hand drawn textures on her iPad, which we used in the stream. The centre image in the reference section is a set of 13 square textures she made for the session.

Some reference images

test1 test2 test3

Images from the project

screenshot of the project code window
screenshot of the project screenshot of the project screenshot of the project

Link to the project

coding with friends * coding with friends